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We were delighted to be invited to Leighton Park School on 30th January to meet with a group of sixth formers and discuss ethics. We worked with a real life case study on fairness. Each of the groups reached a different suggested course of action, but all thought that transparency was an important underlying aspect of fairness. A really good discussion! and here is the link to a fuller account of the event 

An evening in the Reading 2050 lecture series included two speakers for the price of one – Chris Beales (RCCP Chair) and Ben Burfoot (RBC Sustainability Manager) presented the Reading Climate Change Strategy, and discussed plans to adapt to the changing climate and to reduce our carbon footprint. These are hugely important challenges for our town and will be big factors in shaping the Reading 2050 vision. Chris started to describe the need for adaptation to the knock-on effects of climate change – for instance, can we get better at absorbing large rainfalls? We will be working with the Reading Climate Action Network over the next year to help organisations plan for 2050 – starting sooner than that!.

And finally, the Institute of Business Ethics tracked media mentions of ethical issues in organisations in the UK during 2018. Their report categorises 464 different stories. The banking and finance sector, and the information technology sector, were worst offenders. The most frequently cited issues were treatment of employees and behaviour and culture, with relatively few stories related to bribery, tax or fraud. The full report can be found at

Gill Ringland, February 2019, [email protected]


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