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The Generation Z Workforce: Understanding their ‘needs’ and ‘wants’

June 14 @ 6.45 pm - 8.00 pm

Gen Z have different priorities about their workplaces – what are the implications for businesses and broader society?

A wake up call for employers!

  • Do you have vacancies you can’t fill?
  • Do you have people leaving – aka The Great Resignation?
  • Do you want to attract younger employees – from the Generation Z?

If you answered YES to any of the above you need to attend this meetup.

Why? Because there has been a seismic shift in what Gen Z in particular are looking for in their working lives – and it’s not just them. If you carry on with the same old, same old you run the risk of being left behind – even left high and dry unable to recruit.

What’s caused this? Two main reasons:

  • The Covid pandemic. People of all ages have been considering their lives holistically and not always liking what they see. The time many had for reflection, perhaps whilst on furlough, has resulted in The Great Resignation from all age groups.
  • Generation Z want their working lives to be meaningful, to chime with their values, which might not always mean that salaries will be the deciding factor. They want to feel psychologically safe in the workplace which means their wellbeing and positive mental health will be protected. They also want to feel valued and appreciated and will vote with their feet if that doesn’t happen.

Join us to understand this further and to consider what Gen Z are saying. It sounds pretty wise to us! What do you think? How will workplaces have to change? What are Gen Z looking for? Be prepared, things might have to change if you want to attract great people from Gen Z.

If you are part of Gen Z, come along and tell us what you want us to know. We really need to listen to you.

About our speaker:

Anne-Marie is Director of Unlock Your Wellbeing – a provider of Wellbeing Training, including Mental Health Recovery training, Happiness, Wellbeing, Stress Management and Resilience training as well as Fatigue Management.

Anne-Marie has worked in Adult Social Care and Adult Mental Health for many years and has worked for national and local charities as a volunteer and employee. Her gift is to explain things with lots of practical examples of the very many experiences she and people she has worked with over the years – her warm and humorous approach helps to reduce any fear people may have around mental illness.

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Photo by Fox: https://www.pexels.com/photo/group-of-people-watching-on-laptop-1595385/


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