Capitalism, the self and the common good

This presentation examines how the common good and the self are reduced and misunderstood in modern capitalism In this webinar, Kleio will cover how capitalism arose, its roots in economic […]

October meetup: The ethics of digital well-being

Digital technologies are changing the way we understand and manage our health and well-being. Many of us already share health-related information on social media platforms or use smart devices and […]

Urban trees, wellbeing and future generations (Reading Climate Festival)

Discover some of the many amazing benefits trees can bring to towns, especially for the wellbeing of their human inhabitants. Join Ethical Reading and Nature Nurture to discover the role trees play in our urban landscape, why we need more of them and how you can help. Natalie Ganpatsingh and Teresa Verney-Brookes will explore how […]

November Meet Up : Fairness in Recruitment

How can increasing diversity balance cohesiveness in the workplace Having a workforce that is exclusively one race, one religion, or one gender can put off potential clients and suppliers and […]