The UN SDGs and climate change (Reading Climate Festival)

A talk focused on the UN Sustainable Development Goals - what they are, why they matter and how they could help us tackle climate change. The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), agreed by every country on the planet in 2015, provide a vision for 'the future we want'. A future where people live in peace […]

Urban trees, wellbeing and future generations (Reading Climate Festival)

Discover some of the many amazing benefits trees can bring to towns, especially for the wellbeing of their human inhabitants. Join Ethical Reading and Nature Nurture to discover the role trees play in our urban landscape, why we need more of them and how you can help. Natalie Ganpatsingh and Teresa Verney-Brookes will explore how […]

How many trees offset a car commute (Reading Climate Festival)

A short talk taking a realistic view of the potential to offset the carbon emissions of commuting by car by planting trees. This short talk will review the relative importance of sources of CO2 emissions, before exploring methods of mitigation. It will then focus in on the role of trees and their impact in absorbing […]

November webinar: Is working from home killing your staff work/life balance

How can you avoid your staff burning-out as a consequence of prolonged home working due to Covid-19? According to recent (Sept 2020) CIPD research up to 47% of employers are concerned about the effects working from home is having on its workforce, with 36% concerned about staff interaction and 33% about managing homeworkers.These areas of […]

November Meet Up : Fairness in Recruitment

How can increasing diversity balance cohesiveness in the workplace Having a workforce that is exclusively one race, one religion, or one gender can put off potential clients and suppliers and scare away talented potential employees. A lack of diversity in a workforce can also narrow the skill set that workforce has and fail to spark […]

January meetup: Automated vehicles & the ethics of artificial intelligence

Join Ethical Reading for our first meetup of 2021 to consider automated vehicle collisions and the implications for the ethics of AI.Topic Introduction:A train is headed towards five people. The train will kill them unless you pull a lever diverting the train onto another track, in which case it will kill one other person. Should […]

February webinar: The ethics of vaccination

Join Ethical Reading for our February webinar to discuss the ethics of vaccination - the moral and practical workplace issues.Topic Introduction:At last, there is some light at the end of the pandemic tunnel with the arrival of the Coronavirus vaccines. Whilst this is a very welcome development, it does raise some difficult ethical questions for […]

Meetup: When should an ethical company lie?

Join Ethical Reading for our March meetup to discuss whether it's appropriate for an ethical company to lie, and if so - when & why.Topic Introduction:These days it seems many successful companies and politicians lie or misrepresent as part of the way they do business. Is there an ethical requirement always to tell the truth […]

A new Social Contract for business

How can we achieve a deeper, richer relationship between business & society? Join us for a debate between business leaders led by Prof. BorgWhat do companies and societies owe to one another? And how should what they owe be decided, regulated and enforced? In this session, Emma will set the scene and outline a new […]

One year on after George Floyd’s death do Black Lives Matter?

A year after George Floyd's death, what positives and negatives can we take away from the tragic series of events that unfolded.What a year we have come through. Ordinary things we used to do like hugging loved ones, shaking hands, going to school, grabbing dinner at a restaurant and visiting elderly family members became a […]

How to get smarter about your business’s water use

Join us to learn how your business can get smarter about its water usage and why it's so importantLike other natural resources, water should be used responsibly and sustainably. Sadly that isn’t always the case, with many a leaky loo and dripping tap left unfixed. We all have a role to play to ensure that […]

Reading Countdown: Climate change’s impact on Reading citizens’ health

Join Ethical Reading to discuss how Reading Countdown will measure and mitigate climate change's impact on the health of Reading citizensClimate change is damaging human health. While we’re getting used to seeing the impacts in faraway places on the news, changes to our local climate and their effects are becoming harder to ignore.Increasingly intense heatwaves […]