May Online meetup: The power of effective listening

Online- ZOOM

Poor listening costs everyone, whether in your personal interactions at home or at work. Everyone wants to be heard first which makes listening hard. In this session Emma will be […]

June Webinar- Climate change: our health, our choices?

Online- ZOOM

The links between climate change and human health are increasingly clear. Climate change is already leading to worse health outcomes. The direct impacts of more frequent and more severe heatwaves […]

Circular Economy in the time of Covid-19

Is it not time to consider adopting a circular economy as we move into the new normal? When we see the way that entire economies, societies around the world have […]

July Webinar- The ethics of risk

Online- ZOOM

When is it morally acceptable for a person, business, or government knowingly to expose others to risk without their consent? It is tempting to think that the answer is never, […]

Ethical property: what are the issues for Reading?

Our July meetup will explore what the ethical property issues are for Reading and the surrounding Thames Valley areas. We feel that there are strong ethical links to property matters, […]

Capitalism, the self and the common good

This presentation examines how the common good and the self are reduced and misunderstood in modern capitalism In this webinar, Kleio will cover how capitalism arose, its roots in economic […]