Ethical Reading webinar: Are there moral facts?


“It is wrong to bribe an official, and that’s a fact!” But is it? Suppose someone disagrees, perhaps because the bribe on offer is of very little value and offering it is the only way to get the work done. It seems there is no way of proving who is right. Are we still so […]

Join us at the launch of Reading’s innovative Ethical Recruitment Charter

Council Chamber Civic Offices Bridge Street, Reading

Come and explore what Reading’s innovative new Ethical Recruitment Charter has to offer! Ethical Reading, in partnership with Reading Borough Council, has developed a ‘gold standard’ for recruitment in our town. Based on the three pillars of Respect, Transparency, and Fairness, the Ethical Recruitment Charter provides support and advice to employers and a guarantee to […]

Ethical Reading webinar: ‘Does luck play a part in doing the right thing?’

Online Reading, Reading

Nick Leeson was a trader who gambled away £862m and bought down Barings Bank in 1995. He served 4 years in prison for his actions. However, others who engaged in the same kinds of risky trading strategies, but where their risks paid off, were lauded as successful and innovative employees. So, was Leeson more culpable […]

Online meetup: What a terrible time to be alive if you’re prone to overthinking

Online - Zoom

Rising levels of anxiety, worry and stress are damaging people's lives, including our children and young people. Come and find out what anxiety is, how it affects us and what helps to alleviate the symptoms. There is hope - you do NOT have to live your life always worrying and stressed out. Agenda 6:30 - 6:45pm: […]

Webinar: Performance and Productivity – Chasing the false God

Online- Zoom

The webinar will focus on how we have been using measurement to understand progress and how that view of the world has driven unethical business practices and appalling valuations. We will look at the underlying factors. The webinar will then expand on why that is not going to be sustainable for businesses and why putting […]

May Online meetup: The power of effective listening

Online- ZOOM

Poor listening costs everyone, whether in your personal interactions at home or at work. Everyone wants to be heard first which makes listening hard. In this session Emma will be exploring how to listen effectively and provide you with a toolkit of listening skills to use in all aspects of life – both work and […]

June Webinar- Climate change: our health, our choices?

Online- ZOOM

The links between climate change and human health are increasingly clear. Climate change is already leading to worse health outcomes. The direct impacts of more frequent and more severe heatwaves are felt particularly by the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions. The increasing exposure of humans to droughts, floods, wildfires, and infectious diseases, is driving […]

Circular Economy in the time of Covid-19

Is it not time to consider adopting a circular economy as we move into the new normal? When we see the way that entire economies, societies around the world have been impacted by Covid-19, we realise some of the challenges we are facing. No PPE and other products being delivered because so much is outsourced […]

How to create your organisation’s ‘new normal’

We will share insights from business leaders and experts on how to make a step change and create your organisation's own 'new normal'. During the lockdown we have witnessed exceptional behaviours and actions by individuals and organisations in looking after the vulnerable and providing additional support at a time of worry and anxiety. At the […]

July Webinar- The ethics of risk

Online- ZOOM

When is it morally acceptable for a person, business, or government knowingly to expose others to risk without their consent? It is tempting to think that the answer is never, and that it is wrong to expose someone to risk unless they have agreed. But a moment’s thought shows that this would make normal life […]

Ethical property: what are the issues for Reading?

Our July meetup will explore what the ethical property issues are for Reading and the surrounding Thames Valley areas. We feel that there are strong ethical links to property matters, which are defined through: sustainability, building a sense of place in the Reading landscape and in development, construction and management related areas.During the meetup, we […]