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The Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on day to day life. On this page, we want to highlight some of the amazing things people are doing in our community to help combat this challenge.

Coming together against Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic is showing just how important it is to live the values we hold dear at Ethical Reading such as compassion, respect, fairness, collaboration and social purpose. 

Thankfully the Reading community has really come into its own, responding with huge generosity, creativity and dedication. Here are a few of the great things going on at the moment in and around our town to ease the challenges local people are facing:

Freely Fruity donation

Freely Fruity

A newly formed local charity, Freely Fruity is dedicated to providing fresh fruit and vegetables for people in food poverty. During the pandemic they have been donating freshly harvested produce to Wokingham Food Bank, Grub Club Wokingham, Food Share Wokingham, Whitley Hub and Wycliffe Hub.

It was set up by three trustees, who are supported by a small group of volunteers

The site where they are currently growing has planning permission for a housing development, so the team are looking for a new home for next year’s growing season. Ideally somewhere within ten minutes of Sindlesham that has suitable growing land and access to water. Can you help?

Freely Fruity would also welcome additional volunteers, if you would like to get hands-on. You can email them at [email protected]. You can also make a donation to support their work. 

Veg4Reading harvest


Food4Families has created more than 25 school and community food-growing gardens in Reading over the past ten years, involving thousands of people in growing fresh, healthy produce. 

In response to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic it has started the Veg4Reading project to increase local food growing to provide fresh food to vulnerable people in the community.

Food4Families is looking for volunteers to help them expand production to meet demand as well as with distributing fresh produce. There will be opportunities to learn and develop skills while benefitting your own health and wellbeing by working on your local community garden.

Veg4Reading made its first veg drop offs in June, including taking lettuce and broad beans to Whitley CDA for them to distribute as part of their food parcels.

Get in touch to get involved. 


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