Grants and funding support

Role Type:



Working closely with Finance Director to identify opportunities to apply for funding for the Ethical Reading Programmes or core activities, using a range of feeds eg NCVO, SSE. Working with relevant Programme Director and/or Initiative lead to write the application and submit it, deal with requests for follow up information, etc. 


At Ethical Reading, we believe that all everyone has the right to be treated with respect, fairness and compassion at work. Research show that if they are treated  in this way, they feel better, are healthier and enjoy their work more.

The activities are to provide us with intelligence and competence in applying for funds. eg

  • Maintain links and track progress of government funding programmes and information from NCVO, SSE and other sources in discussion with relevant Directors
  • Structuring/writing applications to specifications, submitting applications well before deadline, answering queries from funding agencies, in consultation with the relevant Director.
  • Maintain boiler plate and file of data used for all applications. In consultation with the Finance Director.

Support given:

  • Volunteer induction and coaching
  • Weekly meeting with Finance Director
  • IT support and training on Ethical Reading (Microsoft) systems
  • Volunteers monthly meeting and monthly “Friday drinks

Skills & Experience Required:

  • Understanding of the social enterprise and charity sectors 
  • Ability to interpret RFQs and discuss with relevant Director 
  • Writing clearly  
  • Navigation of dodgy web sites and frustrating editing systems 
  • Communication with Directors and volunteers 
  • Ability to work virtually and keep good communication 

Time Commitment:

10 hours per week