Consult Philosophy

Consult Philosophy was established by Oxford University philosophers Dan Dennis and Andrea Lechler.

They are dedicated to helping individuals deepen their understanding of ethics and other areas of philosophy and enabling them to think more logically. This equips them to make better decisions in their professional and personal lives, benefitting them, their loved ones, their organisations and society as a whole.

Consult Philosophy’s courses and workshops are challenging, stimulating and enjoyable. They are highly interactive, with plenty of opportunity for friendly, constructive questioning and discussion. Dan and Andrea have extensive experience of explaining complex philosophical ideas to adults, including business people, lawyers, engineers and charity workers.

They also provide philosophy consulting services for organisations. This often involves helping decision-makers understand and think through the ethical dimensions of particular decisions, problems and projects.

Dan and Andrea are engaged in ongoing research focusing on developing a firmly grounded theory of ethics and working out how we can apply it in our personal lives, at work and in politics.

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