8 week Mindfulness at Work programme

Mindfulness is a bit like being given the instruction manual to ourselves; providing us with a plain, understandable description that is unique to each of us. In the workplace it can help with presence, clarity of thinking and decision making, improve our focus, act to lighten the load that so many of us feel at work, and improve the way we work and communicate in teams. Together, these add up to improve performance, resilience, wellbeing and skills like communication.

Through one session per week delegates progress through seven keys to mindful awareness supported by guided audio meditation and written notes.

Type of service:


Delivery method:

Online – live, Face-to-face, Flexible


8 x 60-120 minute sessions over at least 8 weeks


Applicable to all staff with an interest in self-development



Service provider:

Reach Remarkable – delivered by Mark Quirk

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