An introduction to mindfulness meditation

Talk and practical workshop introducing delegates to Mindfulness Meditation with a number of practical techniques to experience and enjoy.

Learning outcomes:

Delegates will learn that by applying focus to their thoughts and the moment by moment activity of their body and mind they can gain control over feelings of stress and overwhelm.

Delegates will learn how to actually apply these techniques in everyday situations.


Delegates will experience at least five practical meditation techniques – using breath, words, objects, listening and all the senses to understand how mindfulness can be experienced and how it can help to induce feelings of calm and focus.

Type of service:


Delivery method:

Online – live, Face-to-face


1 hour


Ideal number: 20 delegates

Maximum number 100 people – note costings below.

Delegates can be from all range of backgrounds within the organisation.


From £150

£150 + VAT for up to 30 people or £250 + VAT for 30-100 people.

A helper is needed, but this could be one of your team and keep the costs down.

Service provider:

BalanceTime – delivered by Judy Claughton

Also available from this provider:

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