Aspiring to be an Ethical Manager

As you progress up the ranks the skill set you need will change radically.

Success as a first-line manager doesn’t necessarily or easily translate to success as a middle manager. The new middle managers who are most successful in their transitions are the ones who quickly realise that succeeding in this new role means adapting to a totally different set of expectations.

Learn how a more senior role requires a new perspective and set yourself up for success without compromising on ethics.

Target audience

Designed for all employees who have an aspiration to move into more senior management positions.

Learning objectives

  • Understanding why managers make a difference
  • The new role of the manager in the current environment
  • Working with your new team
  • Creating clarity for the team
  • Building collaboration in and between teams
  • Understand your management style
  • Providing effective feedback
  • Coaching others to success
  • Taking your team from good to great

Type of service:


Delivery method:

Online – live


3 hours x 4


Attendees: 18 (or 20 from a single organisation)


From £150 per person

The price above is based on a standard price of £3,000 for a group of up to £20 people from a single organisation.

For a group of up to 18 individuals from different organisations the price would be £180 per person.

Service provider:

Margaret & Associates – delivered by Martin Whyte

Also available from this provider:

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