Coping with Change

This course helps you identify how your attitude can help to support successful change. Learn how your response to change will determine whether you thrive, survive or nose-dive. Identify how you can analyse people’s attitude to change and of those involved in a change process and how to develop a range of tactics to successfully lead or manage change within an organisation.

Learning objectives

  • Identify your personal shortfalls and opportunities in confidence.
  • Thrive, survive or nose-dive.
  • Understand the two states of mind during change:
    • The Reward State
    • The Threat State
  • A few strategies for leading successful change.
  • Define personal attitudes to change.
  • How to start developing personal coping strategies for managing change.
  • How to analyse the attitude to change, of those involved in a change process.
  • How to develop a range of tactics to successfully help manage change in an organisation.
  • A set of artefacts that enable a healthy culture for embracing change in the office after the conference.
  • Conversation skills to facilitate positive habits.

Type of service:


Delivery method:

Online – live


3 hours


16 (or 20 from a single organisation)


From £60 per person

The price above is based on a standard price of £1,200 for a group of up to 20 people from a single organisation.

For a group of up to 16 individuals from different organisations the price would be £75 per person.

Service provider:

Margaret & Associates – delivered by Earl Lynch

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