Corporate Social Responsibility: Social purpose and doing right by stakeholders

Social purpose and doing right by stakeholders are central to corporate social responsibility. We explore how shareholders, managers and employees should treat each other, customers, suppliers, other businesses and the community. We see how it is possible to establish a single unifying social purpose which enables you to balance all the competing demands and responsibilities. We discuss how this enables business to be conducted in a way which benefits all stakeholders.

No prior knowledge is required for this philosophy course. It will appeal to all who are willing to think deeply and rationally in order to develop new solutions to the pressing problems facing business today.

Type of service:


Delivery method:

Online – live, Face-to-face, Flexible


3-8 hours (longer sessions enable the topic to be covered in more depth and customised towards the client’s interests)


All levels. Any number, but 4-14 is ideal.


£170 per hour + travel

Service provider:

Consult Philosophy – delivered by Dan Dennis

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