Ethical Influencing: Selling your ideas without selling your soul

We have all experienced being pressured, lied to, and manipulated.  It leaves a lasting negative impression.  Yet, it is possible to influence others ethically, achieving what we want whilst securing a positive relationship.

Attendees at this workshop will learn:

  • The principles of ethical influencing
  • Building relationships that enable influencing
  • Assessing the influence challenge
  • Structuring and delivering the influence
  • Negotiating to agreement (Advanced only)

Type of service:


Delivery method:

Online – live, Face-to-face


Depends on the level (Foundation is 3 hours, Advanced is 1 day) and whether this is taken face to face or virtually (online). Please contact the service provider for more details.


Maximum number of 20 delegates – Foundation or Advanced


£100 per hour

Plus £50 travel expenses for face-to-face sessions + VAT.

Materials for the course are in addition to the session and will be dependent on the number of delegates.

Service provider:

WTBG Ltd – delivered by Clinton Wingrove

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