Ethics of mutually beneficial interactions: Part 2b: Application to your personal life

In this seminar we explore how the ethical theory taught in Part 1 can be applied in practice in your personal life. We explore issues such as:


Courtship, Love and Sex


Procreation and Parenting

One’s role in one’s community

How to deal with difficult people (e.g. family members, work colleagues, community members and criminals)

Difficult decisions and dilemmas

Virtues and Vices


Temptation and Weakness of will

Forgiveness, humility, optimism, hope and wonder

This course can be customised to your interests. There will be plenty of opportunity for participants to discuss particular examples, issues and decisions.

No prior knowledge is required for this course, only the willingness to question one’s current views and think deeply and rigorously about the topic.

Type of service:


Delivery method:



3-10 hours (Longer sessions enable the topic to be covered in more depth and customised towards the client’s interests.)


Any number of participants is fine, but 4-14 is ideal.

Prior to this course participants should take Ethics of mutually beneficial interactions: Part 1: The foundations of shared goals and shared experience


£150 per hour plus travel

Service provider:

Consult Philosophy – delivered by Dan Dennis

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