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Find Your Calm – building resilience and tools to help you with life and work’s challenges through mindfulness meditation training

Learning outcomes:

  • gain an understanding of how stress impacts your work and thinking and how you can gain some control over stress by learning to use and apply techniques based in mindfulness meditation proven to reduce the body’s production of stress hormones and help any stress hormones already present to disperse naturally.
  • understand how thoughts, words and action impact not only other people around you but have an impact on your own happiness and productivity levels.
  • practical comprehension and experience of effective mindfulness meditation techniques that can be applied in the workplace to increase performance while also reducing anxiety and worry.
  • real exposure to a range of techniques designed to calm your mind in a variety of scenarios
  • support in between weekly/regular workshops through downloads and additional resources to help cement the learning and maintain calm

Course content:

Delegates will learn some of the science of mindfulness meditation, understanding how stress impacts body and mind and how mindfulness meditation is proven to reduce stress alongside a plethora of positive health benefits.

  • Learn from a range of over 15 different meditation techniques including mindfulness and ways to apply these to help build resilience to challenges in life and at work.

The majority of the class is designed for individual learning within a group setting – with some group sharing to enhance collaborative learning.

Delegates will get an MP3 (audio download) after every session to help with their practice.


Each session will begin with a short meditation and then an introductory talk (15 minutes) then 35 minutes will be devoted to practical mindfulness meditation techniques and experience. The final ten minutes will be used for questions and answers and informal sharing with the group

Different delivery options are available for this course including online webinar/zoom or webex delivery over one week, two weeks or six months.

Type of service:


Delivery method:

Online – live, Face-to-face


This is a six-hour, six session course, delivered either once a week, once a fortnight or once a month. In addition, delegates are encouraged to take time to try the exercises between training sessions with resources available to support them.


Minimum number 1 – maximum number 30 – although a smaller class (15-20) can help for more time for one-to-one questions.

It is possible to accommodate larger groups but there is greater interaction and connection to help learning by capping the numbers at 30.

Delegates can be from mixed backgrounds within the team – indeed it works well to get directors, managers and junior staff together across departments learning within a level environment.


From £800

From £800-£1,800 + VAT for the full 6-week course. Price depends on delivery options and supporting resources.

Service provider:

BalanceTime – delivered by Judy Claughton

Also available from this provider:

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