Holding Others Accountable

Holding others accountable is a key aspect of managing people.

You need to be confident that when an employee says they will do something, they will follow through and get it done. It’s about recognising that other team members are dependent on the results of their work and that their progress towards achieving their objectives can have a direct impact on the ability of others to achieve theirs, and the success of a project and the organisation itself.

Learning objectives

  • Expectation and accountability
  • Holding the alignment conversation
  • Managing understanding of what is required
  • Helping others achieve more
  • How to motivate others to maintain accountability

Type of service:


Delivery method:

Online – live


2 hours x 3


18 (or 20 from a single organisation)


From £90 per person

The price above is based on a standard price of £1,800 for a group of up to 20 people from a single organisation.

For a group of up to 18 individuals from different organisations the price would be £100 per person.

Service provider:

Margaret & Associates – delivered by Martin Whyte

Also available from this provider:

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