Holiday for the Mind

Fun, playful and practical exploration of relaxation techniques based in mindfulness meditation with a holiday theme, foods and music to help trigger happy holiday memories. When delivered online using props and food is an optional extra – and there are some fun ways to engage your team using objects that can easily be found from home.

Learning outcomes:

  • team resilience, wellbeing and morale is positively enhanced
  • experience and understanding of practical techniques to enhance feelings of wellbeing
  • understanding of mindfulness meditation
  • understanding of the power of our words and focus to influence our thinking
  • trigger curiosity and creativity
  • gain a sense of relaxation and inspiration that can be achieved through memories and household objects


Your team will enjoy this practical and playful workshop with mindfulness meditation and a host of holiday props for a fun and relaxing experience.  When delivered online, we help your team to engage using objects easily found from home.

Type of service:


Delivery method:

Online – live, Face-to-face


1-2 hours


From 20 to 100


From £150

Price depends on delivery options and supporting resources and excludes VAT.

Service provider:

BalanceTime – delivered by Judy Claughton

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