How to resolve conflicts ethically

When two or more people are in conflict this may seem unresolvable. In this course we see that peace can commonly be achieved by bringing both parties to question, learn and commit to behaving ethically; and then deepening understanding of the nature of the situation and the perspective of the other(s) involved; and then creatively constructing a mutually beneficial (win-win) resolution.

The steps involved include the following:

  • Help each party to question their current views
  • Help each party to deepen their understanding of ethics
  • Help all parties to the conflict to share their current views
  • Help each party to deepen understanding of the views of the individual(s) they are conflicting with
  • Help each party deepen their understanding of the situation(s) in which conflict takes place, which includes deepening understanding of others’ perspectives on the situation
  • Help all parties apply this deepened understanding to work out how it is possible to act in a way which is mutually beneficial
  • Help all parties to apply this deepened understanding to reach a mutually beneficial resolution in practice

No prior knowledge is required for this course, only the willingness to question one’s current views and think deeply and rigorously about the topic.

Type of service:


Delivery method:

Online – live, Face-to-face, Flexible


90 minutes to 3 hours (longer sessions enable the topic to be covered in more depth and customised towards the client’s interests)


All levels. Any number, but 4-14 is ideal.


£170 per hour + travel

Service provider:

Consult Philosophy – delivered by Dan Dennis

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