I-Align Team Alignment (software)

An online service to help managers align their team’s KPIs and actions to ensure that they are progressing as per plan.

The software allows managers to help individuals become absolutely clear about what they are expected to do, the impact it is going to have on their as well as the teams performance, the time and effort that needs to be invested and identify where effort is wasted.

The software then allows managers to identify and understand where their team needs support, the tasks that need collaboration and those that don’t. The software captures all this and helps bring absolute clarity and focused effort to individual team members.

Type of service:

Management tool

Delivery method:

Software as a service


Can be used by managers on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.


Useful for managers that manage teams of more than 2 people.


£5 per team member

The software is sold as a license model. The cost is £5 per team member, per month paid annually.  If a manager has 3 team members, the cost will be £180 + VAT for unlimited use of the software for a year.

Service provider:


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