Inform and Inspire: How can marketing be both successful and ethical?

The Ethical Marketeer helps his/her company create products or services which benefit the consumer and society as a whole.

The Ethical Marketeer then helps consumers judge whether purchasing the product or service is the right thing for them to do. There are three aspects to this:

  • Informing consumers of the qualities, nature and function of the product or service. This helps them understand how the product or service will be useful to them.
  • Inspiring consumers, engaging their imagination and aesthetic sense. This helps them appreciate the aesthetic value of, and be drawn to, having the product or service in their life.
  • Helping consumers see that purchasing the product or service is beneficial to, or at least not detrimental to, humankind as a whole.

Type of service:


Delivery method:

Online – live, Face-to-face, Flexible


90 minutes to 4 hours (longer sessions enable the topic to be covered in more depth and customised towards the client’s interests)


All levels. Any number, but 4-14 is ideal.


£170 per hour + travel

Service provider:

Consult Philosophy – delivered by Dan Dennis

Also available from this provider:

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