Inspiration for the Mind (annual programme)

This is an annual programme of inspirational speakers and practical workshops that enable your staff to enjoy a host of wellbeing practices with mindfulness meditation as a core founding principle. The workshops and talks would be delivered in a lunch and learn style format -with a choice of one or more sessions over one day.

The talks programme aims to offer inspiration for the mind to benefit the mental wellbeing of all staff taking part, as well as helping to enhance skills in listening, communication, creativity, time and stress management.

Cost savings come from having multiple sessions in one day, helping you serve a greater number of people in your teams and enabling you to offer a choice of staggered times, avoiding an ‘office shutdown’ at a set training time.

It is suggested that the programme of talks takes place once a fortnight – but you may choose on weekly or monthly variations according to your staff timetable.  We can accommodate your team’s needs.

Variations on this outline programme are available – with additional sessions and alternative topics available.

You are supported by BalanceTime leading on all the organisation and logistics of the annual programme.

BalanceTime can also help with bookings and communication of the programme to your teams if required – note additional fee for this service.

Learning outcomes

  • support mental health and encourage creativity, clear and inspirational thinking back in the workplace
  • support team’s happiness, productivity and learning and development

Activities undertaken

Lunch and learn series of talks and workshops throughout the year with logistics and organisation of a team of different inspirational speakers handled by one communications and training company (BalanceTime).

Each fortnight the BalanceTeam bring in inspirational speakers to cover a host of topics to support mental wellbeing, creativity and improved communication alongside practical workshops.

The talks and workshops would be balanced to support different learning styles and development needs. Recommended timing is over your lunch break to use part of this time for a break and mental refreshment from work routines, as well as helping staff learning and development.

A typical 12-month programme would have two sessions a month (approximately fortnightly) – with one session covering practical mindfulness meditation techniques for the workplace and the second session in the month covering inspirational talks in wider aspects of staff wellbeing and learning.

The monthly mindfulness meditation session would look at practical application of techniques to support stress-reduction, sleeping better, finding calm in a busy day, increasing your happiness, working in flow, reducing anger, dealing with difficult people and developing a success mindset.

The monthly guest speakers would enhance the learning by exploring topics such as: creative problem solving (escape-rooms style), the power of pausing,  living with a mental health condition, living with a physical disability – challenging your perceptions of diversity, self-defence, the power of vulnerability, auditing stress within your business, what does it mean to be ethical in business,  nutrition for reduced stress – eating right to work better, reiki meditation (a hands-on experience with one-to-one reiki plus meditation, massage for the mind (group meditation plus one to one mini hand or shoulder massage)

With guest speakers including other Ethical Reading providers plus other external providers including TEDx speakers and local experts across all facets of business wellbeing.

Other services:

  • Administration of bookings for lunch and learns
  • Communication and promotion of this event series

Type of service:


Delivery method:

Online – live, Face-to-face, Flexible


This is a 12-month programme of talks and workshops. Each workshop is 50 minutes to one hour and designed to be delivered around your team’s lunchtime. Multiple sessions can be scheduled across one day to enable a higher number of people to take part. Remote versions of this programme are available delivered over live webinar. The programme can be delivered once a week, once a fortnight or once a month.


Generally, up to 30 people per session for optimum interaction. A higher number can be accommodated with less connection time between team members.


From £3,600

Annual programmes start from £3,600 + VAT.

Alternatively individual sessions are available for £350 + VAT.

Service provider:

BalanceTime – delivered by Judy Claughton

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