Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) adult two day training course

This is the Gold Standard MHFA course to train participants to become Mental Health First Aiders

Why mental health first aid? What is mental health? Stigma and discrimination

Impact of mental health issues

The Mental Health First Aid action plan

Non-judgemental listening skills

Alcohol, drugs and mental health

What is depression?

Symptoms of depression

Risk factors for depression

Depression in the workplace

First aid for depression

Treatment and resources for depression


Suicide figures

First aid for suicidal crisis

Applying the Mental Health First Aid action plan

Suicide Recovery

Personality disorders

Eating disorders


Bipolar disorder


What is an anxiety disorder?

First aid for anxiety disorders

Crisis first aid after a traumatic event

Alcohol, drugs and anxiety disorders

Treatment and resources for anxiety disorders

Cognitive distortions and cognitive behavioural therapy



Recovery and building resources

Action planning for using MHFA.

Building a mentally healthy workplace


What is psychosis?

Risk factors for psychosis

Alcohol, drugs and psychosis


Treatment and resources for psychosis

Warning signs of developing psychosis

Crisis first aid for acute psychosis


Type of service:


Delivery method:



2 days


Minimum of 8

Maximum of 16


From £175 per person

Open course – £210 per person.

In-house course – £2,800 for 16 people (equates to £175 per person).

Special rates are available for the charity sector.

Service provider:

Unlock Your Wellbeing – delivered by Anne-Marie Gawen

Also available from this provider:

Also available from Mental Health First Aid England

  • MHFA Adult One Day “Champions” course – with a focus on wellbeing in the Workplace
  • MHFA Adult Half Day “Awareness” course

Also available

i-act for Positive Mental Health & Wellbeing – two one day courses

  • Managing Mental Health – for Managers
  • Understanding Mental Health – for Employees and Front Line Workers

Also available

  • Mental Health Awareness in one hour (Lunch and Learn)

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