Mindfulness meditation training and wellbeing days

Training and wellbeing day exploring mindfulness meditation and practical coaching to enable delegates to understand how to apply these techniques to support their lives and work.

Learning outcomes:

  • develop an understanding of a range of practical mindfulness meditation techniques to reduce stress, give a mental wellbeing boost and create positive feelings of wellbeing
  • understanding of own resilience levels, vulnerabilities and how to boost strength in these areas
  • understanding of how stress impacts each individual and how their colleagues may be showing stress symptoms in very different ways.


  • exploration of practical mindfulness meditation techniques
  • connection with other people within the group developing communication skills
  • additional wellbeing services can be included such as one-to-one massage and reiki, talks of nutrition and aromatherapy, bush-craft activities and physical activity such as yoga, martial arts, self-defence, general body-conditioning (mixed ability fitness class)
  • additional training services can be added into a day such as business planning, communications planning, HR training, mental health first aid (basics) and other CPD courses.

Online version:

Allow 3-6 hours for an immersive online remote experience.

Following a one hour meditation and welcome session, delegates are given a series of tasks to do offline before coming back to the group.

Through online breakout groups and tasks completed independently, delegates will experience a ‘retreat’ like ambience without leaving their home or workplace.

Obviously, extras like massage and catering are not included, but delegates can receive a little retreat pack through the post to help them immerse in different tasks and tap into the power of mindfulness meditation in a restorative and supportive way.

Type of service:


Delivery method:

Online – live, Face-to-face


Half day to 1 day (3 to 8 hours)


1-30; larger groups can be accommodated, and fees would be adjusted accordingly


From £75 per person


For 5-30 people from £95 per delegate, excluding VAT, venue hire and catering.


From £75 + VAT per person.

Service provider:

BalanceTime – delivered by Judy Claughton

Also available from this provider:

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