Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) workshop

A comprehensive and interactive workshop where participants will discover their MBTI personality types, increase their self-awareness and appreciate the impact differences in personalities can have in the workplace.

Target audience

Teams who want to increase their self-awareness, enhance their communications, make better decisions, maximise the use of individuals’ strengths and work better together.

Learning objectives

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Appreciate the different personality types and how they interact in the workplace
  • Understand how this knowledge can enhance communications and working with others
  • Be aware of why some frustrations can occur in the workplace due to personality types and potential ways to reduce these

Other notes

Participants will need to complete an online questionnaire before the workshop.

Type of service:


Delivery method:

Online – live


2.5-3 hours




From £62.50 per person

The price above is based on a standard price of £1,000 for a group of up to 16 people from a single organisation.

For a group of up to 16 individuals from different organisations the price would be £75 per person.

There will be an additional charge for resources. There are three options available:

Option 1 – includes a two-page report

£1,000 for a single company group or £54 per person

Option 2 – includes a detailed report:

£1,000 for a single company group or £75 per person

Option 3 – includes a comprehensive report

£1,000 for a single company group or £111 per person

Service provider:

Margaret & Associates – delivered by Earl Lynch

Also available from this provider:

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