Professional Impact

This course will help you overcome your stage fright. The key word is ‘preparation’. You will learn how to give effective and captivating presentations with confidence, ensuring you grab and maintain the attention and interest of your audience.

You will also learn to ask yourself a number of essential questions beforehand, so you can always say afterwards: ‘I was able to deliver the presentation I prepared and, looking back I have done a good job’.

Target audience

Designed for all levels who need to deliver effective and high impact presentations both internally and externally.

Learning objectives

  • Effective preparation of your presentation
  • Which set-up and structure determine your success
  • Introducing a program in a smart and successful manner
  • How to use which visual tools
  • Dealing with tension and stress
  • Responding to questions and remarks
  • Avoiding silences
  • Capitalising on non-verbal behaviour
  • Which closing speech best fits the objective of your presentation

Type of service:


Delivery method:

Online – live


2 hours x 4


18 (or 20 from a single organisation)


From £130 per person

The price above is based on a standard price of £2,600 for a group of up to 20 people from a single organisation.

For a group of up to 18 individuals from different organisations the price would be £160 per person.

Service provider:

Margaret & Associates – delivered by Martin Whyte

Also available from this provider:

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