SuperTeams: Using the principles of RESPECT to unleash explosive business performance

We are all members of groups and teams, some formal and some informal.  But, why is it that some groups consistently excel when others, often with more talented members, don’t?  Learn what differentiates SuperTeams from even good teams, and you can transform performance.

Attendees at this workshop will learn:

  • The impact that disrespectful behaviour has on morale and performance
  • The five dimensions of respect
  • The seven drivers of respect within a group of people and how to use them
  • How to assess a team’s levels of respect
  • Applying the principles to building a team, on-boarding, and enhancing team performance (Advanced only)

Type of service:


Delivery method:

Online – live, Face-to-face


Depends on the level (Kick-off is 1 hour, Foundation is 3 hours, Advanced is 1 day) and whether this is taken face to face or virtually (online). Please contact the service provider for more details.


Maximum number of 100 delegates – Kick-off

Maximum number of 20 delegates – Foundation or Advanced


£100 per hour

Plus £50 travel expenses for face-to-face sessions + VAT.

Materials for the course are in addition to the session and will be dependent on the number of delegates.

Service provider:

WTBG Ltd – delivered by Clinton Wingrove

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