The role of ethics in building more harmonious relationships within the firm and with stakeholders

In order to act as ethically as possible it is essential to ensure your understanding of ethics has a firm foundation. Therefore, this course starts by explaining the philosophy of Immanuel Kant, in particular his ‘Categorical Imperative’. Its strengths and weaknesses are dissected and we see how it can be improved.

Subsequently we discuss how to employ these ideas in our decision-making in practice. We explore our: work relationships (e.g. colleagues, suppliers, customers, shareholders); personal relationships (friends, partner, family) and relationships with community members and others more distant. We will see that the approach taken facilitates harmonious constructive cooperation, and provides a framework for resolving conflict.

No prior knowledge is required for this philosophy course, only the willingness to question your current views and think deeply and rigorously about the topic. There will be plenty of opportunity for discussion.

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8-20 hours (Longer courses enable the topic to be covered in more depth and customised towards the client’s interests.)


All levels. Any number of participants is fine, but 4-14 is ideal.


£150 per hour plus travel

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Consult Philosophy – delivered by Dan Dennis

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