WTBG web-based membership development support service

If you do not develop, you fall behind. And, if you do not take control of your own development, who will? WTBG offers a way for you to take control.

Each new subscriber receives access to:

  • An editable PDF Self Development Journal – a comprehensive guide and do-it-yourself guide to taking control of your own development
  • A set of explanatory videos and their scripts
  • 3 months’ releases of development materials (see below)

Each month, each subscriber receives a new set of development materials, based on one or more of the elements on the Quaternion Profile (a robust competency framework of the skills needed to be GOOD, then GREAT, as a manager and leader of others:

  • An editable PDF Workbook – a comprehensive guide with which to explore the specific element or competency
  • A set of explanatory videos and their scripts
  • Tips, guides and tools to supplement the workbook and videos

Type of service:


Delivery method:

Online – self-paced


Online subscription service. Subscriber decides – recommended min 2 hours/month (monthly videos, workbooks, and tools)


Individual memberships

Corporate memberships (10 or more individuals)


$30 per month or $300 per year

Virtual Management Development Membership: US$30 per month individual subscriptions (inclusive of taxes) or US$300 per year individual corporate memberships for 10 or more individuals (inclusive of taxes).

Service provider:

WTBG Ltd – delivered by Clinton Wingrove

Also available from this provider:

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