The reading tree

One of our volunteers, Hiral, shared this gorgeous photo with us of her daughter on World Book Day. Here’s the story behind it…

“During the first five years of my daughter’s life we relocated five times, living in four different cities in two different countries.

“Libraries and trees became important focal points to help her feel settled in each new location, so naturally she has developed an unconditional love for nature and for books.

“At eight years old she is amazing at tree climbing and she has developed a friendship with many trees in Reading. One fine morning, when it wasn’t too chilly, she climbed up a tree with her book and told me, ‘It’s such a nice place to read, Mummy’.

“This year on World Book Day the school set an ‘extreme reading’ photo challenge, to make reading more fun for kids during the pandemic. I suggested various innovative ideas to my daughter, but she just wanted to sit in that special tree with her book.

“Trees for Reading is a much-needed initiative. Trees are so important, not only for nature and the climate but for our physical and emotional wellbeing too, and bringing more to our town is one of the best things we can do for future generations.”

Find out about what we’re doing to bring more trees to Reading and how you could help


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