What has the moon got to do with your work?

A couple of weeks ago the moon was shifting in its waxing moon phase, crossing the point of the ‘first quarter’ when it appears as a half-moon in the sky and enters the ‘gibbous’ moon phase when it is increasing in light but not quite yet at its fullness.

This moon phase is associated with progress, deliberation, development and advancement, as well as seduction, desire and giving. But this is balanced with a strong mercury retrograde encouraging reflection, quiet, easy tasks rather than big changes and ‘getting the house keeping done’ for both our businesses and personal lives.

Do you listen to the shifts in the seasons and moon to help you with your business? Did you even realise this ‘is a thing’? In fact it is so much ‘of a thing’, the moon’s influence is in French law when it comes to agriculture and planting, NHS staff will be aware of the need to have extra staff or deal with resource challenges at a full moon when it comes to the maternity ward, the mental health wards/teams and children’s teams.

Have you taken time to notice how different energies are affecting you at different times of the moon/month? Did you realise that some of your challenges are common to other people?

Judy Claughton is Director, Meditation Trainer and Pioneer for Happiness at BalanceTime www.balancetime.co.uk.


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