Join Ethical Reading

Collaborating for a better Reading

We’re keen to engage with anyone who is concerned about business ethics and ethical behaviour in the workplace, here in Reading and further afield.

Become a Member

Whether or not you’re based in or near Reading, if the Ethical Reading concept appeals to you, you’re very welcome to become a member. Membership will entitle you to attend Ethical Reading seminars, other events and access to training, including one-to-one sessions. Individual membership is free of charge.

To join, simply go to our registration page and fill in the form.

Become a Friend

If you would like to be more closely engaged with us and what we’re trying to achieve then we would love you to join us as a friend.

If you donate £25 or more through the website you will automatically become a friend for the year. This will entitle you to discounted access to paid events and training. You can donate using the link at the bottom of any page.

Become a Partner

Any organisation with a link to Reading that’s committed to improving ethical standards in the world of work is welcome to join as a partner. We are proud to be working with our Partners and Supporters.

We’re keen for our partners to reflect the full range of organisations in Reading including:

  • businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to global corporations
  • public services, eg emergency services, schools and sports clubs
  • public/private partnerships, eg local enterprise partnerships and social/commercial joint ventures
  • not-for-profit organisations, eg charities, trade bodies and social enterprises

How your organisation will benefit

As an Ethical Reading partner, your organisation will receive:

  • Free access to training resources for staff at all levels to help embed ethical values like respect, responsibility and compassion into the organisation
  • Updates on legislation and government guidance relating to corporate governance and ethics
  • Guidance on establishing a successful speak-up and whistle-blowing strategy, so employees know what to do when they become aware of unethical behaviour and feel free to take action

We hope that being an Ethical Reading Partner will have a transformative effect on organisations, for example helping them achieve:

  • A happier, more engaged and more motivated workforce, driving productivity and creativity
  • Reduced absenteeism and long-term sick-leave
  • Improved staff retention rates and greater success in the battle for talent
  • More open, collaborative relationships with other organisations
  • A better public image, potentially leading to improved engagement with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders

Partnership fees

In order to become a partner we ask each organisation to pay an annual fee. Please contact us for details.

Benefits of joining

Below is an outline of some of the services you will benefit from if you choose to join Ethical Reading as a member or friend or if your organisation becomes a partner:

Services Member (individual) Friend (individual) Partner (organisation)
Breakfast seminars Yes Discounted Discounted
Lunchtime seminars Yes Discounted Discounted
Other events and face-to-face training Yes Discounted Discounted
Ethical Pathway online training modules No Yes Yes
Ethical Pathway training pack No No Yes
Recognition on our website (on request) No No Yes
Legislation and guidance updates No No Yes
Speak-up and whistle-blowing strategy advice No No Yes


We’re also offering organisations the opportunity to sponsor events. This is a great way to raise the profile of your organisation and demonstrate your commitment to ethics.

If your organisation would be interested in sponsoring an event, please get in touch.