A selection of videos from Ethical Reading events

Looking back at Ethical Reading events

You can get a feel for some our past events from our video selection below.

We record most of our events, including briefings, webinars and meetups, and share them on our YouTube channel. We’re on a mission to increase our subscribers, so please do click the subscribe button!

Webinar: UN Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. In this session we looked at how the goals came into being and what they include, why business and individuals should care about them and how they can make a contribution.
Speaker: Steve Kenzie, Executive Director of UN Global Compact Network UK
Twitter: @Steve_Kenzie

Launch: Reading Ethical Recruitment Charter

Working in partnership with Councillor Adele Barnett-Ward, Reading Borough Council and local recruitment specialist Eximius, we launched the Reading Ethical Recruitment Charter to encourage good recruitment practices in our town based on three core pillars: Respect, Transparency and Fairness. 

You can sign your organisation up to the charter here

It only takes five minutes and is a great way to demonstrate your organisation’s  commitment to making Reading a better place to live and work. 

Webinar: Are there moral facts?

This video is a good example of one of our monthly webinars, featuring a though-provoking presentation by Philip Stratton-Lake from the University of Reading.

“It’s wrong to bribe an official, and that’s a fact!” But is it? Suppose the bribe on offer is of very little value and offering it is the only way to get something important done. Are we still so sure there is a fact of the matter here?

Speaker: Professor Phillip Stratton-Lake, Research Division Leader at the University of Reading

Launch: Our Code of Ethics

We launched our Code of Ethics at the Creating Great Workplace Cultures event.  We have written it in such a way that any organisation can download it and adapt it for their own needs. We developed the code and the implementation guidelines with the help of: 

  • Neil Thompson, Director of WorkInConfidence
  • Kieran Magee, UNITE Convener at Reading Borough Council
  • Richard Lawrence, Founder of Resourcing Solutions Ltd
  • Nicola Ellen, Corporate Responsibility Director and Consultant at Shoosmiths Ltd

You can download a copy here

Webinar: The ethics of risk

When is it morally acceptable for a person, business, or government to knowingly expose others to risk without their consent? It is tempting to think that the answer is never, and that it’s wrong to expose someone to risk unless they have agreed. But a moment’s thought shows that this would make normal life impossible… 

Speaker: Jonathan Wolff, Alfred Landecker Professor of Values and Public Policy and Governing Body Fellow at Wolfson College, University of Oxford

#RebootReading: Creating the 'new normal'

In this online event local business leaders shared their thoughts on what the ‘new normal’ means to them, as we change our way of working due to Covid-19. It also provided an opportunity for individuals and organisations to reflect on what their new normal might involve and how to achieve it. 

We see this as an opportunity for businesses to reassess how they balance profitability with ethics. A strong ethical workplace culture can lead to a 20-30% improvement in individual and team performance. Companies that take an ethical approach are also more highly regarded, helping them attract and retain the best talent and win loyal customers, which in turn drives profitability. So an ethical approach can be a profitable one too.  

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