Our Sustainability programme

We’re committed to helping Reading-based organisations embed sustainability into what they do and contribute to improving the local and wider environment.

We’re working to achieve this through:

  • Working together with other organisations on sustainability initiatives and providing sponsorship opportunities
  • Identifying sustainability champions within organisations and connecting them through events and a forum 
  • Providing sustainability training and support for champions and decision-makers
  • Signposting relevant resources and connecting businesses with sustainability expertise
  • Sharing success stories and examples of best practice
Redlands Primary School trees

Bringing more trees to Reading

We want to mobilise Reading-based businesses to help us make our town greener, healthier and happier.

We’re offering local organisations the opportunity to fund the planting and care of trees within the town through our Trees for Reading initiative. In response to demand, we’re also accepting donations from individuals, so the whole community can contribute.

Are you a sustainability champion in your business?

We’re connecting sustainability champions at organisations across the Reading area to help them make an even bigger positive difference. 

Are you passionate about helping to improve your company’s eco credentials? Are you already shaking things up to minimise your business’s impact on the environment? Or are you simply frustrated about issues in your workplace like poor waste management?

If any of these sound like you, you would be welcome to join our growing network of sustainability champions – 80 and counting. You’ll then receive invitations to exclusive events and will be able to connect with fellow champions through our dedicated branch of the Sustaineers forum, for mutual support and inspiration.

Sustainability champions
Active travel hub

Supporting active travel

We’re keen to support the development of active travel in Reading, especially to encourage people to cycle to work and back and for other local journeys.

We realise that worries about bike theft deter a lot of people from cycling, so we have been investigating ways we could collaborate with other local organisations to help. 

In the meantime, we’ve put together some other useful information for employers looking to encourage their staff to cycle to work. 

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