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Surviving the exit from lockdown

Who’d want to be in government right now? If they ease the restrictions, they will be slammed for recklessness. If they tighten the restrictions, they will be slammed for the

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Culture matters

As economies around the world tentatively ease restrictions to move slowly out of lockdown, businesses are once again adjusting to manage the impact of Covid-19 on their operations. Few organisations,

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Virtue ethics help build a new normal

I’ve enjoyed reading Roger Crisp’s and Brad Hooker’s insightful blogs about the role of utilitarianism in informing our actions in the context of the pandemic. I’ve also enjoyed reading about

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Measuring what matters

I was reading about the predictions of Dr Doom, who is an economist, and he was saying the impact of this lockdown is going to have a serious impact on

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Lone worker

How can I manage?

Are you a manager, asking yourself how you can cope with the current COVID-19 crisis? Have you suddenly found yourself managing staff working from home or who are having to

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A rebuttal of Daniel Burke

Daniel Burke, CNN Religion Editor, wrote a blog The dangerous morality behind the ‘Open Up’ movement. Burke accuses utilitarianism of being the morality behind many of the arguments to end

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Managing anxiety and worry

Two questions During difficult times, existing issues can seem to become larger, louder, bigger and suddenly blow up out of all proportion. This is so true of our emotional state

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Being out of our comfort zone

As a lecturer, counsellor and trainer I have devoted my career to supporting people grow and develop and all of these activities have been done face to face….until now. I

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