The three pillars of the Ethical Recruitment Charter

In Reading, we take the exploitation of those seeking employment very seriously. Most local employers and recruitment agencies follow the law and best practice but there are still accounts of unethical recruitment practices in our town including excessively long unpaid training, lack of interview feedback, inaccurate or misleading job descriptions, unpaid trial shifts, and even using job-applicants to work unpaid trial shifts with no intention of recruiting anyone.

The Recruiters and Companies that have enrolled under the Charter, commit to abide by the three Pillars of Reading Ethical Recruitment Charter:


The Respect commitment: We respect the law and regulations surrounding recruitment and treat job applicants with respect throughout the recruitment process.

Why Respect: As a job applicant you need to be confident that you will not only work in a lawful environment, but also will benefit as of recruitment stage from the largest extent of the protection conferred under laws, regulations and codes of conduct as applicable to your potential employer. Respecting applicants also means that, except in exceptional circumstances, all time worked is paid.


The Transparency commitment: We seek to be transparent in all our dealings with applicants and ensure they have all the information they need to understand our recruitment process decide whether the job and our organisation are right for them.

Why Transparency: As a job applicant you need to be made fully aware of the recruitment processโ€™ key stages, of the terms of the proposed employment and of the specifics of the job advertised. Job listings need to include interview dates and details of the recruitment process. Job descriptions must be as accurate as possible, including expected hours and location of work.


The Fairness commitment: We treat applicants fairly and courteously, understand their circumstances and provide feed-back to unsuccessful candidates.

Why Fairness: As a job applicant you need to be confident that you will be treated fairly during the recruitment process, that the recruiter not only understands your circumstances but will adapt and cater for these, that your application will be assessed on objective business criteria and that you will be kept informed of the progress of your application and of the reasons behind a decision not to hire you.

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