Connecting sustainability champions

Building a network of sustainability champions at local businesses

Whether or not environmental responsibility is an official part of your role, if you work in or around Reading and care about the planet, you’re welcome to join our growing network of sustainability champions.

When you’re passionate about protecting our planet it can be frustrating if you feel your organisation could be doing more about it. By joining Ethical Reading Sustainability Champions you’ll be able to connect with others who feel the same so you can learn from each other’s experiences as well as from local experts, giving you to the confidence and know-how to achieve more.

Mutual support and inspiration

Our key aim is to connect sustainability champions at different organisations so they can support and inspire each other. The main way we do that is by connecting them through our local branch of the business sustainability forum, Sustaineers

We also send out occasional newsletters with details of relevant events coming up, including our own exclusive events for sustainability champions.

Employees and business owners from more than 80 organisations have joined the network so far. These include people in a huge range of roles, from forest school teachers to marketing managers, working in sectors from hospitality to insurance. 

Empowering you to do more to help your

organisation improve its environmental impact

Connecting around the environment

You can get a taster from this video of the panel discussion we hosted as part of 2020’s Reading Climate Festival.

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