How to support Trees for Reading

Ways your organisation can get involved with Trees for Reading

1) Sponsoring a tree

The standard price to sponsor a single tree is £490. That includes: 

  • a substantial young tree planted and watered for two years
  • a plaque to mark the tree 
  • your company name included on our interactive tree map
  • a mention on our Progress page and social media
  • a badge to add to your website and use in your marketing materials

Some of our projects may involve sourcing specific trees which will cost more or less, and we can come up with bespoke sponsorship arrangements in those cases. 

2) Pledging ongoing revenue

We welcome offers of ongoing support for Trees for Reading. For example you could pledge a proportion of the money you make from a new revenue-generating initiative, such as Thames Lido’s car parking charge, or donate a percentage of the sale price of certain products. 

In return, you’ll get: 

  • substantial young trees planted and established once you have accrued enough
  • plaques to mark the trees planted with your support
  • your company name included on our interactive tree map, for each of the trees you fund
  • a mention on our Progress page and social media
  • a badge to add to your website and use in your marketing materials

The promise of ongoing income to support the initiative will help us plan for the future and ensure its continuity

3) Making a one-off donation

You can donate any amount you like to support our tree-planting efforts. Once we’ve gathered enough contributions from businesses, we’ll plant a tree and mark it as having been funded by the local business community. 

We’ll list your organisation on our Progress page as a contributor to our business community tree-planting fund and give you a badge to add to your website. 

4) Offering land or volunteers

If you have land available where trees could be planted, we’d love to work with you to agree a planting scheme. You can put money towards the trees and we will mark them as having been funded by your business, or we can arrange alternative funding for them. 

From time to time there may also be opportunities for staff volunteering, for example to help with caring for the trees. 

We’ll acknowledge your support on our Progress page and on social media. 

5) Getting a dedicated donation page

If you would like people to donate to Trees for Reading in the name of your business, we can set up a dedicated donation page for you. 

Here’s an example of one we set up for local pub The Castle 

You can link to that from your own website, or from a QR code displayed wherever you like. 

6) Hosting a collection box

If you have a large number of people working onsite or you deal with the public face-to-face on your premises, perhaps you would like to display one of our collection boxes. 

Made from recycled plastic, they’re clearly labelled with details of the initiative. Scanning a QR code on their phone will take people directly to the relevant section of our website, so even though not so many people are using cash these days, it’s a valuable opportunity to raise awareness of Trees for Reading. 

If you’ve got any questions or would like to find out more before committing, please contact us at [email protected].

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