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About this workshop

The purpose of this one-day workshop is to transform the way individuals and organisations think about health and wellbeing. In too many organisations, health and wellbeing is seen as a ‘nice to have’ rather than core to business sustainability.

Extensive research shows that a strong, values based ethical workplace culture improves people’s health and well-being, drives up engagement and is more productive. This workshop will provide you the tools to kick-start the development of such a workplace.

We hope to identify people who will champion these ideas when they return back to their workplaces and thereby start to make a tangible difference to the Reading business community over time.

This course is intended for individuals from a wide range of roles including but not limited to: health and wellbeing leads, HR, managers, senior executives, learning and development.


The workshop is comprised of five modules:

  1. What is a Healthy and Ethical workplace (HEW)?
  2. Building understanding, communicating effectively and resolving conflict.
  3. Promoting positive mental health in the workplace
  4. Introduction to understanding and building resilience
  5. Building a Healthy and Ethical workplace. 

Key learning outcomes

  • Understand what a healthy and ethical workplace means and why such workplaces are not only desirable but also necessary to address today’s complex challenges.
  • Have a toolkit of communication skills which can be used in a variety of situations to improve your communication with others.
  • Have a defined approach for resolving conflict before it escalates.
  • Understand how our mental health affects the way we live, work and communicate with others
  • Have explored some of the common mental health problems facing people today and how we can support those who experience these conditions
  • Create a personal starting point for building resilience.
  • Use the HEW toolkit provided to kick start the development of a Healthy and Ethical workplace including building a compelling business case.
  • Build a personal action plan.


“Excellent trainers and a wealth of knowledge apparent. Very engaging. You can tell there is real care in the topics presented which is very impactful”
HR Lead
“The workshop far surpassed my expectations. It was informative, very well run, excellent content, engaging learning and great to meet fellow local business people all working towards ethical workplaces. Thank you so much and well done!”
HR Lead
Henley Business School
“I spent a fascinating day learning about how I could influence, develop and support staff to create a healthy workplace that has resilience and promotes well-being.”
Reading Borough Council

Workshop presenters

Anne-Marie Gawen: Anne-Marie is Director of Unlock Your Wellbeing, a provider of Wellbeing Training, including Mental Health Recovery training, Happiness, Wellbeing, Stress Management and Resilience training as well as Fatigue Management. Anne-Marie has worked in Adult Social Care and Adult Mental Health for many years and has worked for national and local charities as a volunteer and employee. Her gift is to explain things with lots of practical examples of the very many experiences she and people she has worked with over the years – her warm and humorous approach helps to reduce any fear people may have around mental illness.

Mark Quirk: Following a 20+ year career in the software industry, Mark eventually wrenched himself away to follow his passion for the mind and wellbeing. He retrained in Psychology, and followed the UK recognised path for training as a Mindfulness teacher. Today on a mission for health, happiness and strength he tries to make the years of research behind resilience, mindfulness, mindsets, brain science, models of wellbeing, and strengths a reality for all those he is fortunate enough to work with.

Gurprit Singh: As one of the founders of Ethical Reading, Gurprit is passionate about the importance of a strong values-based ethical culture inside an organisation. He has over 30 years’ experience in working for large multinational organisations at senior levels which he brings to bear in this workshop.

Date and venue

We usually run the workshop two or three times a year at a venue in central Reading. We can also run a private version of the workshop just for your organisation, if numbers allow, either on your premises or online.


Ethical Reading Partners and Supporters: £198 per person

Other organisations: £253.63 per person


Workshop registration typically begins two to three months before the next workshop, through our Events page. Please register for our newsletter so you will be notified of workshops coming up. Alternatively feel free to email for details of the next planned workshop or to discuss a private on-premise or online workshop for your organisation. 

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