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Following on from our December meetup on the topic of mental health in the workplace, we have now launched a project to enable us to focus more deeply on this important area. One of our founders, Gill Ringland, is leading the project, which we’re running in conjunction with Alison Foster of Brighter Berkshire.

A stakeholder meeting earlier in the month identified three key areas the initiative should focus on:

  1. Awareness of mental health and mental well-being issues. Despite a lot of attention on this, there is much still to do to make everyone aware of the importance of mental well-being and the impact of poor mental health on the individual and the organisation.
  2. Reduction of the stigma associated with mental health issues.
  3. Access to resources which encourage overall well-being and a healthy workplace.

A core team is now working away on the overall programme and making excellent progress. One deliverable will be mental health awareness training which includes an ethics behavioural component. The current plan is to roll this out on a regular basis from this summer onwards. We are also exploring whether a mobile app could be used to help raise and maintain awareness following the training.  If you have additional thoughts on how we can raise awareness, please get in touch!

We will continue to engage broadly with stakeholders as the initiative progresses. We want to have around 20 organisations join us in this effort to help co-create, develop, test, improve and implement the deliverables. If you feel you or your company could benefit, we would be delighted to engage and have a conversation. Please contact Gill Ringland in the first instance.



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