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Ethics in Action Stories: Akhil Handa, Earth51

Earth51 based in Reading, led by Akhil Handa, is dedicated to the rapid transition of environmental sustainability placed at the core of their client businesses’ purpose and practice – for ongoing profit and planetary survival. Many businesses, large and small, see the issues at hand and lack the knowledge, tools and confidence to take the required action. Earth51 bridges that gap by educating leaders of today and tomorrow within organizations on why the transition is necessary and how itโ€™s done. Akhil shares some great success stories. The next 2 years are critical as early adopters taking action now reap great business benefits in addition to doing the right thing, while investments decline for those without a sustainability agenda at their core.

Join us for this powerful, inspiring interview!

Contact Akhil Handa at www.earth51.com.


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