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Ethics in Action Stories: Sean Taylor, Redwood Technologies

Sean Taylor, CEO of Redwood Technologies takes us on the journey from local start-up to multi-million-dollar turnover international business, a great local success story! Sean outlines how values have been at the core of all they do, eliciting extraordinary support from customers and suppliers while supporting local business communities and charities. ย As the business has grown, Sean talks about the challenges of scaling up the culture internationally. An inspiring listen!


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  1. As a recruiter never ever have they made me feel no less as a member of the company. To this day they have stood true to their ethics and their commitment to not only benefit their clients, work force, but to include everyone who has any dealings with them, be it small medium or large scale.

    I have had a fantastic relationship with Sean who I have been working with over 18 years, he has built a fantastic organisation, active CEO who cares, a leader with the “human factor”.

    He said in his interview, there are some people in the company he has never met, due to Covid and you could feel it in his voice he meant it, as I know Sean likes to meet any new or potential recruit,

    I can pick up the phone or drop him an email he will reply and make time for you.

    Lets hope the success keeps coming as they are building something beautiful.

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