Trees for Reading progress

Contributions to the initiative

A massive thank you to all the businesses and individuals that have donated to Trees for Reading so far.  

Business community tree-planting fund

These organisations have donated small amounts, which are adding up to help us bring more business-funded trees to Reading:


Kat Creative – Kathryn donated again to celebrate Kat Creative’s 20th anniversary – £1 for each year of helping organisations get their message across.

Craft Box Club – Founder Adam Roe has committed to donating £1 to Trees for Reading for every new subscriber to his eco-friendly craft box scheme.


TDP Photography – Local photographer Tina Panting kindly offered to donate 50p to Trees for Reading for each Moods of Trees 2021 calendar and sun catcher she sells. 

Kat Creative – Copywriter Kathryn McCann, one of our sustainability team volunteers, donated on behalf of her business for Christmas 2020.

Community tree-planting fund

In November 2019 we launched our first crowdfunding campaign on JustGiving, after a few people got in touch asking how they could donate as an individual. 

We raised £470, which we used to fund a very special tree, working in association with Brighter Futures for Children. The idea came from a 14-year-old boy who had been placed in a permanent foster home outside Reading. Feeling he was losing touch with his hometown, he came up with the suggestion of getting a tree planted in the town centre, to make him and other young people in care feel rooted in Reading

Our friends at Reading Tree Wardens and Reading Borough Council selected a tree that would really make his vision come into reality – a stunning Prunus avium ‘Plena’. Several of the young people Brighter Futures for Children look after, including the inspiration behind the project, came to help plant the tree in February 2020, along with staff members. Several councillors also attended, including Councillor Karen Rowland, an adoptee herself, who gave a moving speech. 

Rooted in Reading tree outside the town hall
N's tree drawing
Rooted in Reading tree at Christmas
Rooted in Reading tree at night

In October 2020 we launched another crowdfunding campaign, this time on Crowdfunder. During the two months of the campaign we managed to raise £1,120. We’ll update this page once trees have been planted using this money. 

Although the second crowdfunding campaign came to an end on 31 December, if you would like to donate to help us bring more community-funded trees to Reading, you can now do that directly through our new donation form.   

A few local businesses are also hosting collection boxes for us, and we’ll add the money collected to this fund. 

If you have any queries about this initiative, one of our sustainability team would be glad to answer them. Just email [email protected].

Useful resources

Here is a collection of useful resources for you: