Stress, self-esteem and changing times

Stress can be positive or negative. It is caused by a change that disrupts the flow of our everyday. In practical terms, stress causes us to change our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, and even during our most positive experiences in life, stress can have a negative impact on how we feel.

In today’s world, it sometimes feels impossible to avoid stress. However, self-esteem can play an important part in how we respond to stress. As human beings, we need to feel that our lives are balanced and neutral. Positive self-esteem enhances this and encourages us to believe that we deserve to have positive elements in our life. Poor self-esteem has the opposite effect and is detrimental to a healthy mindset thus creating more stress.ย  So how can we manage this productively? Not by reducing the stress triggers but the way in which we respond to them.

Build your self-esteem and learn to like yourself

We are all uniquely individual and believing that we are worthy and likable is an important part of achieving secure self-esteem. You are a master at being you. If you do something, anything well, do it more. This will help you demonstrate your personal skills to yourself. Whether it be cooking, drawing, writing, running, fixing the car, do it more, it’s something you are good at. Focus on your individual strengths and don’t compare yourself to others. You are unique, embrace you.

Positive statements

Engage with your partner, family, and friends, talk about the things that you like about each other. Ask them what they think you are good at, and what they love about you. Receiving positive praise from those around us helps to boost our positive self-esteem. Remind each other of the positive value, you, and others around you, add to your every day.

Seek out positive, supportive relationships

Put your energy into developing relationships with others who are like-minded, reflect your own values and uplift you. Secure self-esteem is powerful when it comes to dealing with responses to stress and it’s worth investing time in building yours.

Stress will always be a part of our everyday life, we can’t avoid it. However, believing that stress is not our fault but a part of living is key in how we respond to it. Salvatore Maddi, American Psychologist, suggests that change requires three positive attitudes. We must accept that stress is a part of everyday life and consider it as a self-reflection tool, a learning opportunity.

  • CHALLENGE: Accept that when things are stressful, we don’t need to fall into the strain of it and intensify our negative thoughts and feelings.
  • COMMITMENT TO SELF: Believe in yourself. You have the power to control your response to the stress trigger and create a healthy attitude towards stress.
  • CONTROL: In these challenging, changing times, it’s important that we learn to manage our emotional health better, what influences it, our responses to it, and the impact it has on ourselves and those around us.

As William Joyce said, “The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”ย  Accept what is, let go of what doesn’t serve you, and believe in the power of you.

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