Ethical Recruitment for Businesses

In Reading, we take the exploitation of those seeking employment very seriously. Most local employers and recruitment agencies follow the law and best practice but there are still accounts of unethical recruitment practices in our town including excessively long unpaid training, lack of interview feedback, inaccurate or misleading job descriptions, unpaid trial shifts, and even using job-applicants to work unpaid trial shifts with no intention of recruiting anyone.

The Reading Ethical Recruitment program is a self-registration scheme.

It enables you to market your ethical recruitment practice, but also exposes you to the reporting by job-applicants of abuse, wrongdoing and/or breach of the charter pillars and guidelines.

When a job applicant reporting a breach gives us this contact details, we will forward you the contents of his or her report and will ask you to respond within 2 weeks, providing us with a response to the Charter breach report, describing the measures already in place or being taken to prevent re-occurrence and eventually the contact detail of the person within your organisation that the applicant could engage with, should he or her feel to do so. Without a timely response we may bar you out of the Charter.

Ethical Reading will also provide guidance to job-applicants willing to engage with relevant bodies would they wish to make a formal complaint against your organisation.

Once youโ€™ve enrolled under Reading Ethical Recruitment Charter, you will receive a link to our Business Members Portal, from where youโ€™ll be able to upload your company digital logo, make all necessary modifications to your registration, and download:

  • the Reading Ethical Recruitment Logo
  • the Proud Ethical Recruiter Sticker

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